4 a m  e m a i l

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

–  Eleanor Roosevelt

Reliable Communication Is Your Organizational Backbone

Never worry about your email…again.

Email is one of those things that must be done right.  We’ve removed all email frustrations…once and for all.

Over the years, we’ve tried numerous email servers and services.  One thing we’ve masterfully learned is that reliable email is as important as your cell phone.

Imagine trying to send an important contract and not knowing for sure if it was received.  Or making sure you receive all the reservations for your restaurant.  Imagine your organization was awarded a large job…and you didn’t receive the email confirmation.  Since you didn’t receive the email, the job was passed down to your competitor.  ouch.

Since we’ve tried many different servers, and multiple services, we can confidently offer only one service that stands the test of reliability.

Google G Suite.  It’s awesome.

With Google G Suite you get…

How It Works

First off…we will take care of everything on the back-end for you.  Easy.


If your already have email with your domain (john@yourorganization.com  Etc..), we will, at your request migrate all existing emails to Google G Suite.  This will require us to have the password for each email address to migrate email for you.


If you are getting a new domain (www.your-neworganization.com Etc..) we will take care of setting up everything for you.  Easy.


You will also have full access to Gmail.com and the Gmail mobile app.  This is the easiest way to get your email.


However, if you need to use Microsoft Outlook or another email client, you will be responsible for setting up your email client and your email on any mobile device.

What Does It Cost?

Contrary to what the web hosting industry has tried to teach us…”Unlimited Free Email” is not that cool.


Having great, amazing, and reliable email isn’t free.  But is so worth it!


You can go straight to Google and setup Google G Suite yourself.  However, if you use 4am to manage your website, we require you to allow us to manage it for you.  This is so we can provide the greatest and most awesome service possible.  Don’t worry though, if you ever you decide to depart from our services, we will gladly help you transition everything.


Google charges $5/month per user for each Google G Suite account.

With a 4am Creative Professional Plan, we give you 4 accounts…on us.  If you need more than 4 accounts, it’s simply an extra $5/month/user.

With a 4am Creative Elite Plan, we give you 6 accounts, on us.  If you need more than that, it’s simply another $5/month/user.

Additional Information

  •  We will create one additional account under your domain for administration management (admin@yourorganization.com).  This must be a paid account to Google, however we will not bill you for it.  This account will be used specifically for administering your domain.
  • Email aliases (forwarders) are free.  For example…if you want to have support@yourdomain.com forwarded to your email address jon@yourdomain.com, that’s free.

With great email comes many sigh of relief

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

– Maya Angelou