Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions…

How do I get my content changed/updated?

It’s easy!  After you sign-up, we’ll send you a dedicated email address to submit all change requests.

We’ll also send you a link to a dropbox folder with your name on it.

From that point forward you’ll put all content into your dropbox folder and you’ll email change requests to your dedicated point of contact.  Easy.

Can I update my website after it’s built myself?

Sure!  If you’d like, we will set you up with your own login to manage content, upload blog posts, etc.

Do I need to submit all my own content?

No, and Yes.

You know your organization.  It’s best if you write it because you know it best.  But if you simply can’t, we’ll use our professional copywriters to put it together.  Just give us some points of reference to go on.

What if I want to cancel?

If you’d like to cancel, please send an email to with “Cancel” in the subject line.  Or you may visit to cancel.

What is basic SEO?

Basic SEO is the service that comes with our unlimited package.  We will do the right amount of on-page SEO for the search terms that you fancy.  If you’d like a deeper level of SEO, we should have a chat.