F o r  G o o d

Be the change you want to see in the world

At 4am, change starts inside us.

PROJECT 2016 – 2017

For this project, we are going to The Philippines!  You are helping to fill backpacks with school supplies for kids who love to learn!  This is our first project; let’s make it memorable!

One Big Project Each Year

During inception, 4am Creative decided to give a portion of our profits to something we feel passionate about…

How It Works

Each year, 4am Creative staff will get together to discuss ideas about how to make a small but meaningful impact in one very specific area.

Portion of Profits

A portion of our profits will be used to fund each project.  We hope to effect change in ourselves, for our users, and for the world.


At the end of each project, we will post on our site exactly where a portion of our profits went, how we made an impact, and those individuals who were instrumental in helping us accomplish our goal.  We will provide videos and pictures, share stories, and provide all the specific details about the project.

2016 – 2017 Project Goals

400 Backpacks
800 Erasers
12,800 Crayons
400 Pairs of Scissors
800 Notebooks
400 Pencil Sharpeners
4,000 Pencils
400 Glue Sticks

Countdown to backpack distribution – July 28th 2017

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