Let’s Get Started

“The secret of getting ahead is getting stared.”

– Mark Twain

As simple as we try to be…we still need to ask a few questions.

Our "Dead Simple" 10 questions...to get started.

Not every business who wants to use our service will be accepted.  You see, offering unlimited updates is something of a cool thing, and there are some who will take advantage of us.  There are some websites we simply won’t take on.  Sites that would normally require a full-time web developer.


However, most sites are accepted.  Here are a few things to note before you proceed.


These sites will immediately be refused:

  • Online only businesses
  • Blog-only businesses

You will get a response within one business day (usually only a couple of hours…but sometimes we get kinda busy).  If accepted…we will send you a link to setup your payment info.