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The first step to achieving greatness is definiteness of purpose.

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  • Elite
    $297/mo $497 one-time artwork charge
    • Everything From Professional Plan
    • Dedicated Updates Manager (personal email contact with person in charge of your website)
    • Email Plan (up to 6 free G Suite Accounts)

One of our subscription plans not fit your business?  If you just need a site and email with no monthly update plan, reach out to us on our Contact page.  We will gladly build you something to be proud of without a monthly subscription*.

*Keep in mind that you will still be charged for email and hosting on a monthly basis, and for any updates and changes in the future.

Artwork Charge

The $497 artwork charge is for the extended time it will take our designers to get any existing artwork web-ready.  Artwork in this case means, business or organizations logos, word marks, and icons that you want to use on your website.  This does not include the creation of creative artwork.  If you’re interested in a corporate identity, please reach out to us on our Contact page.

Custom Domain

The world is your oyster.  What domain do you want?  A single domain comes with each unlimited package.  Don’t worry, we provide it for free.  And if you ever decide to leave us 🙁 you can take it with you.

Unlimited Updates

Why unlimited updates?  Have you ever visited a website that didn’t have updated content, pictures, blog posts, etc?  If you have, how long did you spend on the site…and have you went back to it since?  We’re guessing the answer is “no”.  Ask yourself why not?  Because in today’s fast moving, technologically advanced society, we want the most current of everything.  We’ve been programmed with the newest social media platforms that if you’re not updating, you’re not relevant.

It’s a 100% fact that if your site has outdated content on it, Google and other search engines are less likely to display your site as a relevant search result for any given search term.

You need to be updating your site with blog posts, articles, pictures, and if possible, community comments as often as possible.

That’s why our unlimited monthly plan is so attractive to businesses and organizations.  Otherwise you’re paying for each time updates are made by an agency or freelancer…who is probably charging you by the hour.

Unlimited Web Storage

When we say simple, we mean dead simple pricing.  With all of our plans you get unlimited storage space.  We don’t nickel and dime you for storage.  You get as much as you need.  And guess what else…your website will be stored on the fastest web servers available (Amazon Web Servers).  Which means your website will load in the blink of an eye (unless you’re on 3G or the dreaded 1x.

Responsive Design

Have you ever been on your phone, trying to view a website, and it looks like a miniature version of what you see on a laptop or desktop screen?  We all have…and we can remember it.  It’s miserable trying to pinch and pull the screen in and out so you can read and view.

Every site we design will be 100% responsive.  Responsive means, regardless of the device you’re viewing from, the site will shrink and stretch to fit.  This gives the site a nice, clean, beautiful display on every type of device.

If your site is not responsive, you’ll also be penalized by Google and other search engines, and not considered as relevant as others in the same niche.

Custom Blog Setup

Every site should have a blog.  Regardless of your industry or niche.

The more original and relevant content your website has, the more relevant your site is to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Not only do search engines appreciate new and original content, your followers will love it as well.  The more fresh and relevant content you add to your website, the better.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a good writer.  Most people don’t even notice.  We will make sure to correct any spelling errors, but we will display your blog posts just as you send them to us.

Google Website Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what people are typing into Google to find your website?  If you knew, you could take advantage of it, by creating more content and sales for those visitors.  Would you like to know what types of devices people are using most to access your site…are more people viewing your site on a smart phone or a laptop?

What if you knew what page on your website resulted in the most visitors who left your website entirely…wouldn’t that be really handy?

How about if you knew how long people spent browsing through your website?

What about which page they spent the most time on?

How about the geographic location your visitors are from?

With our analytics you’ll be able to see all of these things and more.

At 4am Creative, we want to do everything we possibly can to provide you with the most amazing results possible.

Basic SEO

What is SEO anyway?  SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.  SEO is a set of strategies implemented within your site that improves the site’s ranking in the search engines. Improved rankings mean more visits to your site!

SEO is a very complex task.  It involves plenty of time, resources, and patience to see the results you want.

When you sign up with 4am, we will work with your to determine the specific phrases your site should rank for.  For instance “Fort Worth termite control” or “Best landscape design in Oklahoma City”.

Check out this blog post on SEO.  It will give you a crash course.

Email Plans

Our Founder, Brian, spent 17 years as an IT consultant.  He’s seen it all when it comes to email.  The excellent, the decent, the bad, and the nasty.  When he and pops started discussing email plans, the decision was unanimous…Google Business Apps would be the only email provider they used.

Go here to learn more.  Email Plans

SSL For Every Site

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is the technology that makes the connection secure between the website you’re viewing and the browser you’re using.  Basically this will make the people visiting your website feel safe and confident that any information passed between them and your website is secure.  We’ve been offering SSL from the beginning for free…most companies make you pay extra for it.  Cool, huh.

Domain Privacy

From the beginning, we decided to give free domain privacy.  This means that your name as the owner is hidden to people who search the ownership of your domain name.  They also can’t see your contact information.