4 a m  P r o c e s s

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

–  Napoleon Hill

From zero to “Awesome” in days…not weeks

I - Research

What happens first:


First, fill out the questionnaire.  This helps us know exactly how we can do something awesome for your organization.  The more detailed the information is that you give us – the more accurately we can hit target “awesome” the first time.

But don’t worry.  If you just don’t know what you want, we are pretty good at first impressions.

II - Design

This is the fun part:


Designers love to make cool things.  It makes them proud.  Our designers will take your questionnaire and roll with it.  They will craft something that they love – and hope you will too.  But don’t worry…if you don’t “love it” we will keep tinkering until you do.  We want to see your eyes light up like a Christmas Tree when you see your new site.

III - Testing

Testing your site:


We are fanatical for perfection.  We like things to be simple and to “just work”.  We will go through your site, checking for errors, link clarity, page load speed, etc.  Then we will give it to you…it’s now your turn to check our work.  We love feedback…so tell us everything you want changed!

IV - Development

Get our code on:


Just as designers like to make cool things…developers like to make cool things function.  After your design is “close” we will unleash our coding phenoms on your website.   They will take a design and make it into something that people can interact with.  Prototypes are usually ready within 4-5 days of receiving your questionnaire.


How do you want to be found:



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not one-size fits all.  It takes time to achieve results and can be expensive.  However, we do all the basic SEO optimizations to your site.  Here’s a blog post about SEO basics.

VI - Go Live



When the stars align, smiles abound.  Your site is now live.  There will be questions, and maybe changes requested.  That’s cool…we love to “get it right”!

VII - Constant state of happiness

Unlimited updates:



A well updated website is a frequently visited website.  Always ask yourself, “What do I really want to accomplish with this website?”  If you just want a website  presence, but don’t see the need to be found locally, or by customers researching you and your competitors, then we might not be the best option for you.  We will constantly encourage you to send us things to work on that will improve your business.  When we help you get better, we get better.